Searchable Video Management

We make finding your videos easy, so you can focus on building your enterprise.

Share videos to your

Store and protect your video assets in the cloud. Powered by data search, leverage your video library to empower your staff.

Chrome iPad
Intranet or Internet


Your videos may be on YouTube, Vimeo, Recorded to a local Server, or recorded by users in GoToMeeting or Zoom. Wherever it is, we find it, and take back control.

Transcribed & Searchable


We extract data from your content. With our A.I. tools, you can use search to find, navigate, and audit video and take action for better content control.

Internal & External Sharing


Share with a Group, embed on a webpage, or market on a Social Media platform. We Intergrate and Automate your video workflow.

Better than Picture in Picture

We deliver Presenter and Slides synced in an interactive player. Viewers Love it!

In-Video Search

Get right to specific spots in the video. Type and hit enter to effortlessly navigate results.

Our search is fast. Really, really fast.

When you get answers instantly, your relationship with data changes.


Adaptive Streaming

Our Video Player dynamically adjust based on a user's available bandwidth, and device performance.

Embed Enhanced Videos

Embed our Player and showcase your library searchable interactive videos on your corporate intranet, or anywhere.

Mobile Device Ready

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

99.99% File Availability
Redundant Backups
Future proof video stack

Video Management Portal

Retrieve, deliver & manage all your video assets in one simple interface.

Speech Data Extraction

We capture and index speech allowing your enterprise to improve learning outcomes & EEOC compliance with video training accessibility.

Meetings w/ Zoom & GTM

We leverage the best live online meeting platforms and store their data to provide you a centralized repository for all enterprise video.

User Administration

Assign roles within your organization and manage users via LDAP, GSuite, IAM, or our web GUI.

In-Video Search Engine

Deep Link into your videos for any word spoken.

Intelligence Dashboards

Reporting on website usage, audience engagement, and video performance.

Media Storage

Store Hundreds of billions of media items, and retrieve any amount of data, at any time.

Content Search Engine

What's in your Videos? Get insights, improve discovery, engagement, & compliance .

Credit Claiming

Issuing Credit Simplified. Scan a QR code, and we track the interaction. Set watch thresholds and create surveys to establish an automated workflow.

Department Grouping

Enable your departments to include relevant videos as part of the information they share in your internal intranet.

Interactive Web Player

The optimal video player where viewers can switch between video feeds, select a preferred stream for a full-screen view, and fast scrub by keyword.

User Watch History

Deeply Peer into watch history on a specific video